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Our Professional Handyman Repair Services

Whether you need home renovation because of general wear and tear or you want to modernize your home, you will need a professional handyman to do the job. Instead of wasting your time and money on do-it-yourself measures, let us do the renovation services for you. Mid Atlantic Handyman is a professional handyman company that provides impeccable services in Chevy Chase, MD. We specialize in different services including:

 Gutter MaintenanceProfessional handyman service Chevy Chase MD 20815

It is critical that your gutters are clean all year round. During summer, your gutters are prone to fires because they will be filled with leaves and branches from nearby trees. In winter, your gutter system can cause flooding within your home because water flows over your gutters and through the roofing. A lot of debris can also build up in your gutter. The good thing is, we are here to provide professional gutter cleaning services. Schedule regular cleaning of your gutters now and avoid expensive damages in the future.

 Roofing Repairs and Maintenance

Your roof is your main defense against the elements. A well-maintained roof can withstand heavy rain and snow. If your roof has been neglected for a long time, have it inspected by a professional handyman. We provide expert roofing service and we will assess your roof for possible damage. We will provide the necessary repairs.

 Door Services

Doors add style to your home and also need to be strong to protect your family. Home intruders can enter your house anytime if your door is not that strong. We do professional door installation. We will install new doors in your home by using quality materials.


Thinking of renovating your home? We got you covered! We are always ready to provide impeccable remodeling services from kitchen to bathroom remodeling. Call us now and discuss renovation options with our customer service team.

 If you are looking for quality handyman repair services, Mid Atlantic Handyman is here to provide you with expert solutions in Chevy Chase, MD. Contact (301) 329-0289 for more information. We service the areas of .


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